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Hello everyone,
This week we've mainly been focused on getting rid of the last few bugs from reset so that we can start to implement new features and start working on events. A lot of planning has gone into this update as we like to prioritize bugs on how much they're impacting not only the server but the community. We focused our attention on getting things like Custom Enchants, TPS drops and much more. Below you can find a list of what's been fixed since last week's update.
  • Changes made to the shop, Fixed a bug where all gen buckets were displayed as x64. Also added Flint and Steel to the raiding section as it was highly requested.
  • Added a /rewards command which shows all the voting rewards
  • Iron golems now have less than half health as they usually would and no longer drop poppies. This is to improve grinders and server efficiency. All custom coded for venom
  • [Sell All] chest is now fixed, Selling from a double chest only requires 1 sign. Also if there are no sellable items in the chest it will instead give you a different msg to the sell price one.
  • The server will now automatically deny alts that are associated with a banned account so staff don't have to manually ban alt accounts for ban evading.
  • Heaps of work done towards Custom Enchants, The main issue was potion effects weren't working due to our Custom VenomPerks plugin. Has since been patched. Also, Multi-arrow enchant has now been enabled and can be found in Common enchants
  • Fixed a bypass for players being able to /createhome in warzone
  • Fixed VenomPerks glitching and letting players keep the effect without it in their inventories
  • Buffed prices of Custom enchant Scrolls and Dust as it was way too cheap.
  • Changes have been made to the spawn mine. The depth of the mine has been extended, You now receive night vision and haste whilst in the...

Hey everyone,
I would like to get back into the routine of writing weekly update logs as it shows the progress that we are making each week and gives the community a chance to see whats being worked on and whats been fixed. I'd like to start by thanking everyone in joining the return of Venom after the downtime over the last 1-2 months. With the common complications of a few issues, like any reset, we've managed to get them all fixed asap without them becoming a huge deal. I'd like to also announce that due to the genbucket issues that we had this week, we've decided to push the TNT enable period to Friday instead of Wednesday to give everyone a bit more time to work on their base!

I've compiled a list of things that have been fixed since Saturday! Here they are:​

  • Fixed tab showing the wrong year for last reset date
  • Fixed a issue in store where players weren't receiving their 10x legendary key purchases
  • Fixed voteparty crate not giving bullsnake kit
  • Fixed genbucket chunk issue which would cause the server to crash when being overloaded with base building in the end by players
  • Fixed the custom enchant issue, You should now receive potion effects for your enchants. If you have a book with a blue title, ask a staff member to exchange it to a new book (green title)
  • Fixed faction member cap, Was set to 20 instead of 30
  • Fixed a issue where players couldn't place farming hoppers in the end or nether
  • Fixed Ally and Faction chat displaying random letters before their message
  • Fixed a issue where players couldn't see BossMob loot
  • Fixed common crate rewards showing epic rewards instead
  • Removed PvPTimer plugin as it was causing some issues with new players
  • Blazes no longer get cleared in entity clears
  • Fixed koth schedule showing last map's koths
  • Removed the msg saying "You need to be Anaconda Rank" when...

Hey Explorers!

Its finally that time again! I know most of you have been eagerly awaiting the release of this map, and I apologise for how long this process has taken. It was my intention to release sooner, however, it took much longer than I had originally planned.

As many of you already know, I've recently promoted one of our staff members to the rank of senior-mod. @v1point0 will be handling most of the day-to-day in-game issues, assisting with hosting weekly/bi-weekly events and helping to maintain a hacker-free community. @kiwiifruit has also given the role of a PURE Chat-Moderator. I have also acquired five new staff members. @HolyAvocados, @FreePremium, @ValiantPvP, @BerserkPvP and @InfernalNova_ will be the new trial-mods.

I'd like to thank everyone who has played and continues to play on Venom, whether you stuck around until the end or left mid-map.

Before we get to the actual reset announcement, I'd like to apologise that we were not able to announce the top 3 factions to receive their prizes due to constant duping.

Without further delay, I am happy to announce the upcoming Venom release...

What will reset:
- The Map
- Player Balance
- Player Homes
- Inventories, Enderchests & Vaults
- McMMO Credits
- McMMO Levels
- Bans [Blacklisted Players may Appeal]

What will not reset:
- Ranks
- Tags
- Kits
- Perks
- Faction Powerboost

Map 14
May 13, 2017 @ 1PM EST (5PM GMT,...