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Hey everyone, Over the last 2 days the server has been through a lot and has really tested me to my full capabilities. As most of the faction players know Hit detection has been really bad this reset as well as finding and patching a dupe bug! Thank you to all those who find the time to report these bugs to make sure they are resolved ASAP. Here is a list of things that have been fixed since last update!
  • Anti-Cheat- A lot of work has been put into the anticheat over the last couple of days, we have also purchase a addon which will stop further help stop hacks such as auto armor, Freecam, Inventory hits etc. Please note we arent fully finished with anything yet as there is still a lot of work to do! You also wont get kicked anymore!
  • GenBuckets - We are working alongside the developer of our GenBucket plugin to help resolve some chunk loading issues, We have solved half the problem but still being worked on in coming days!
  • Hit detection - As most pvpers would of experienced since release was the poor hit detection when trying to hit another player in pvp. We have made tweaks to anti-cheat as we found that was the issues, @Nonga has helped extensively test this and the results are amazing.
  • Slime blocks - We have enabled slime blocks in the nether as pvp planes arent much of a issue
  • F who - When displaying another factions info you will now see offline players as well now
  • Staff plugin - Our custom staff plugin has had some changes to it such as when frozen by a staff member the player is protected from any damage, Another addition was making it spam you if you tried to move telling you are frozen as it was hard before to recognize if you...
Hey everyone!,
Thought I'd get back in routine and start making update logs again since we have so much to cover! But first I'd like to thank everyone who came and joined for release, it was a successful turnout and we had a lot of positive comments. As you know Venom did go under a revamp so we tried things we haven't before and after such a success i think its something we will do more in the future! Here's some things that have been patched since release!​

  • Ftop - As most of you saw the new plugin has had some issues, All glitches have been sent to the developer of the plugin but in the meantime we have switched to last maps plugin and is fully functional!
  • Venom keys - Fixed a glitch with Koth crate rewards giving the incorrect venom key making players unable to redeem. Has since been patched!
  • Stats - Since we don't really have a designated stats area i have added some pvp based statistics to the /warp pvp area!
  • F who - When displaying faction information you will now see offline members and not just online members
  • Community chests - As some of already seen i've gone ahead and added some community chests to throw some junk in that might be useful to others, these chests are located towards spawn exits.
  • Genbuckets - An issue has been fixed when you would begin to generate a wall with a gen bucket and TP away. It caused the chunk to unload and start to throw server errors causing decrease in performance.
  • Anti-Cheat - We have monitored the anti-cheat for the last 24 hours and have done some research with the information we have found, Many false positives will soon be fixed in upcoming updates!
  • Alias - Have added a...
What to know about upcoming features to venom!

Hey explorers!
As most of you know the player base has really dipped low over the last few weeks, This is partly due to a lot of people starting back at school and lack of advertising throughout the month of January. There has also been a lack of motivation on my behalf, Trying to balance other commitments and server related issues was a struggle but will no longer be a issue. As of the 14th of February I'll be treating Venom more as a job and committing a lot more time towards it, It has so much potential and really has the chance to grow into something quite large.

As of the 14th of February ads will be in full effect again, Auctions for advertisements were cancelled in January which did take a effect on the player base. We have 2-3 smaller Youtubers joining the community as well which will give players a public figure to help bring in more players to our already growing community.

I look forward to seeing you all for the reset as we have many new features to offer!
Below is some more info on Prize winners and what's going to be included in the next map update!

F TOP WINNERS & Top Island winners
The top players of each server will be announced the day before reset so get going as you will earn you yourself some big store vouchers for you and your faction or skyblock members! Keep in mind that the coupon will be given to the leader of the top faction and top island, it's up to the leaders to choose how they want to divide it

Faction prizes up for grabs:
/ftop winner:
/baltop winner: $100

Skyblock prizes up for grabs:
/is top winner:
/baltop winner: $100

(After this reset it will be irl prizes such as Steam Vouchers, Paypal transfer, Razer products etc.)