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Hey everyone,
At this point in time Venom will be inaccessible to the public. We feel it is only necessary to update everyone on what is actually happening and the discussion that is happening within the team. We want to bring something completely unique to Venom, Something that isn't rushed and the constant repetition of map resets with nothing new. We are expanding in areas that we aren't motivated in which has caused quite a backlash on the community.

We've opened up areas of Venom which don't seem to fit and something that we don't see progressing in the future. Personally I want to focus on my strong points which is within the Factions gamemodes. After introducing new gamemodes it has divided the community and directed the Server to something we aren't interested in nor motivated towards.

Obviously there is a lot unsaid, but to jump to the point we are discussing to return Venom as just a Factions server, Like to the good old days. This will include the removal of Skyblock and Cannon and the hub aspect and making things much simpler. We feel we need to take two steps backwards before we can move forward to bigger things. By implementing this change we can focus solely on Factions which is our most popular gamemode, We can work on new features that have been held off to work on other updates for different gamemodes.

None of this is final at this stage as we want to hear your opinions first!
We want to focus on bringing Venom back to its all time glory and we hope you can appreciate our directional input for the Network.

~ Matt​
Hey everyone,
It has been a while since I last did a personal thread of where Venom is heading and our plans. As most of you have probably seen I haven't been on much over the past month which has reflected badly on the whole community. My work effort definitely plays a big part in community involvement. After told I was having my internet upgraded I had technicians come out and upgrade my internet line but ended up doing the opposite and destroyed on of the terminal connections between the node and my home which left me without the internet for 2-3 weeks.

I'd like to discuss some of the current key points which are reflecting quite bad on venom. The first big one being the loss of community. We have promised features that haven't been released or even started on which is very disappointing. We felt like we had rushed the revamp when really we should have made sure everything was perfect before releasing to the public. We as a staff team think the network needs to undergo serious enhancements to bring back the enjoyment of Venom.

We have so many ideas we want to introduce but just not the stability to release them.
After months of buying ad slots and investing thousands, it appears that it just wasn't working for us. We want to focus more towards YouTubers and having public figures instead of just having a short period of an influx in players then dying back down to the usual amount of players. We've said this a lot in the past about hiring Youtubers, but it can be almost impossible to get into contact with them.
This is the reason we have promoted Aaron. He has many contacts with large Youtube network partners which we can easily benefit from. Not only has he started writing up contracts between Venom and quite large YouTubers but Improving the network is the biggest part we need to think about before expanding.

So here is what we have planned.
We want to close off Skyblock and Factions from public access so we can spend the appropriate amount of...​
Hey everyone,
Apologies on such a late thread, Been focusing on some upcoming features and simply kept delaying it. Expect a update log sometime this week and just a reminder the the Raid event is tomorrow. You can find the live countdown here: http://itsalmo.st/#raidevent
Please sign up in the registration thread to let me know whos gonna be competing!


Here are the top 3 winners
1st place - $35 store credit
2nd place - $25 store credit
3rd place - $15 store credit!

Thanks everyone!

~ Matt | RoyalRaid
Happy voting!​